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Want to track, control and manage your entire fleet from tomorrow?
No software to install, no server to maintain as it is a completely web based solution.
Available with choice of trackers that can be activated in minutes, you can start tracking your fleet almost immediately for as little as US$ 199.95 per month.
Want to start tracking business with minimum investment and maximum features?
Find'n'Secure for Resellers is the perfect solution. It features your branding, full control account management portal and at a low setup fee.
No software or server to maintain, no internet bandwidth or power backup to take care of. Our state of the art data centre team will takes care of the support.
Want to have the tracking software inhouse? Want to do customisation?
FindnSecure for Enterprises is the way to go. It’s one time licensing fee frees you from any subsequent payments and it offers complete control over the software and the hardware.
This is the best solution to have economies of scale and to enter the tracking business with a bang or to have complete control over the data and the software and hardware.
Want to have real time tracking on the move?
FindnSecure for Mobiles provides real time tracking and control of the vehicle or person from any mobile phone which can run a browser.
With choice of both yahoo and google maps and with no software to download or install, FindnSecure for Mobiles is the best way for having complete tracking solution while on the move.

Embarc Information Technology Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of GPS vehicle tracking systems, aims at offering innovative and cost effective vehicle tracking solutions comprising of hardware as well as software. GPS tracking technology is best suited for fleet management. It is an unique way for companies and individuals to monitor and control their cars, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles to their precise details by sitting in the office. Find’n’Secure® GPS tracking system will enable you to monitor the movements of your employees, drivers, vehicles  or any other asset accurately. With Find’n’Secure® vehicle tracking systems in your company's fleet vehicles, you will find an smart way of fleet management by tracking your vehicles. Whether you own one truck or a fleet of thousands of vehicles, our highly skilled GPS fleet consultants will assist you in selecting the right type of vehicle tracking system that will give an edge to your company.
  Want to know more about Vehicle Tracking.

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FindíníSecure is designed for individuals, small contractor fleets, travel operators, larger companies and government agencies for tracking cars, jeeps, buses, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment etc. to improve fleet productivity, accountability and profitability. FindíníSecure is a Real Time GPS Tracking system and shows vehicle movements on Maps (like, Google) of your PC screen displaying the location, route, stops, and speed status online 24x7, thus making deployment of vehicles an extremely easy task. With real-time vehicle tracking software, a dispatcher, within minutes, can see where the fleet is and re-route a driver to a new call in the same area saving time, fuel, money, and overtime. It has got hardware and software supported geofencing utility.Government Officials, Company Executives and contractors who want an automatic record of trip mileage, time, speed and areas covered will feel that FindíníSecure is a great GPS vehicle location system. FindíníSecure strives to bring you a diverse collection of the most current and reliable GPS fleet management products available in the market today. Apart from "Real Time" tracking capability, the FindíníSecure also delivers detailed historical information.The following tools in the software make FindíníSecure a superb GPS Vehicle Tracking product.

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