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Want to track, control and manage your entire fleet from tomorrow?
No software to install, no server to maintain as it is a completely web based solution.
Available with choice of trackers that can be activated in minutes, you can start tracking your fleet almost immediately for as little as US$ 199.95 per month.
Want to start tracking business with minimum investment and maximum features?
Find'n'Secure for Resellers is the perfect solution. It features your branding, full control account management portal and at a low setup fee.
No software or server to maintain, no internet bandwidth or power backup to take care of. Our state of the art data centre team will takes care of the support.
Want to have the tracking software inhouse? Want to do customisation?
FindnSecure for Enterprises is the way to go. It’s one time licensing fee frees you from any subsequent payments and it offers complete control over the software and the hardware.
This is the best solution to have economies of scale and to enter the tracking business having complete control over the data, software and hardware.
Want to have real time tracking on the move?
FindnSecure for Mobiles provides real time tracking and control of the vehicle or person from any mobile phone which can run a browser.
With choice of both yahoo and google maps and with no software to download or install, FindnSecure for Mobiles is the best way for having complete tracking solution while on the move.
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